I started drawing in 2008 after the birth of my first daughter (I have two daugthers) and started painting in 2016. I never had any art education and allthough this could be considered a disadvantage by some it has led to a style that I believe is uncommon.  
Many of the drawings and paintings were made with my fingers and the palm of my hand. The way I start a painting is rather unconventional. I often clean my brushes on the blank paper/canvas and see where that brings me. 
A lot of my figurative paintings/drawings are based on pictures that I've made while traveling for my full-time job which is all but creative. I have spent a lot of my time in an international comptetive 'alpha' environment (UN, European institutions). I guess that what I create is a result of the tension-field between family-life, an interesting and sometimes stressful job and an uncontrollable desire to paint. I'm currenlty working as full-time independent combining painting and working for the Interantional Energy Agency. Enough creative electricity there :-)
I held my first exposition in february 2017 in a gallery (Ruimte34) in Antwerp and held 3 more since. In 2018 I had the opportunity to show a painting at the Watou art festival. More information can be found on the 'expo' part of this website. 
So far I've been working solo meaning that I haven't made the bridge to working with a gallery. This might change but looking for a perfect match and haven't found it yet. 
To learn more about the what/why and how please read the press articles below: